Hospital Resources Management


Hospital Resources Management (HRM) is dedicated to the assessment and improvement of the clinical and financial performance of hospital-based physician practices and the hospitals they serve.

  HRM works with the specialties of Anesthesia, Emergency Medicine, Hospitalist Medicine (both Medical and Surgical), Intensivist Medicine, Pathology and Radiology.
  Hospital Resources Management (HRM)provides our clients with an identification of the key issues affecting overall practice and departmental performance and efficiency.
  Although disconnects, bottlenecks, behaviors, and issues may vary, our evaluation process will locate the root cause of dysfunction, not just  the symptoms.
  At HRM, we tailor our services for each client to ensure the level of service is based on client-specific needs. HRM’s consulting and management team provide distinct assessment and benchmarking services:
  System Level Service Line Assessment
  Department/Service Line Assessment
  Practice Creation/Development/Management
  Practice Support Determination and Adjustment Mechanisms
  Patient Process Remodeling (Pre/Post Op, Triage, Fast Tracks, etc)
  Performance Metrics Tracking and Design
  Incentive Compensation Modeling
  Stark Compliant Professional Service Agreement Design
  Point of Service Collections Process Design

Hospital Resource System

  Hospital Resource System (HRS) is based on cutting edge Cloud computing, giving the Hospitals an end-to-end plug & play structure without ever worrying about technology or manpower. 
  HRS was founded with a commitment to ensure that the hospital staff, patient and their families are treated with respect, empathy and compassion on every transaction.
  Healthcare is a high-pressure industry facing demands for high-quality, cost effective patient care in ever increasing competition and staffing shortages. HRS helps you to meet these challenges head-on.
  Healthcare is a high-pressure industry facing demands for high-quality, cost effective patient care in ever increasing competition and staffing shortages. MediCall HRS helps you to meet these challenges head-on.
  Completely Outsourced and Scalable: This frees up valuable real estate at the hospital besides potentially decreasing the overheads like electricity, parking and toilets which an on-site facility would use. Being completely scalable, we can quickly ramp up operations in line with increased demand and in case of disasters.
  Professional Operations: We provide best-in-class service to clients with quality control at every stage and 100% transaction recording for auditing and quality purposes.
  Patient Services: With the main thrust on improving the quality of patient care, MediCall HRS manages all appointments and follow-up of patients for the Hospital. The call centre also answer queries on all admitted patients and provides information on all diagnostic & therapeutic services available, the procedure and pricing of getting a specific service or test done and the approximate wait-times.
  Doctor & Faculty Services: Maintaining & rescheduling, rosters, appointments, visits & giving online information on patient & staff related queries.
  Research: Research is one of the key mandate of any hospital and we facilitate Research by ensuring follow-up of patients, administering surveys and ensuring authenticity of data.
  Centralized Help Desk & Support: We takes over the responsibility of logging & initial troubleshooting software & hardware problems all over the hospital and this helps in providing professional 24X7supportservices.
  Inventory Management & Support: MediCall HRS acts as the single window for all civil, mechanical, and equipment related issues for the hospital. HRS provide completely audit trail for any breakdown or even and follow up with the vendor and end user to ensure optimal utilization of essential resources.
  Website Services: We provide website development services that integrates with HRS providing online care & support.
  Equipment Management & Utilization: We not only provide equipment management services but also link it with utilization of each equipment and its availability.