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Meditrance is a diverse , yet dynamic group of professionals who are changing
the rules of the game in health care industry domain by our innovative mindset
and revolutionary concepts

Meditrance Conducted Motivational training at il&fs balco

Meditrance Conducted Training on soft skill in a nursing college

Meditrance Conducted Training on infection control to bsc nursing students

Meditrance Conducted Training on fire fighting at nursing college

Meditrance Conducted Training on bio medical waste management to nursing students

Meditrance Launched eBlog On 21 April 2013

Meditrance launches meditrance e blog to support health care in upgradation which is first of its kind having category provided for doctors, patients, nurses, administration, motivational in a single page. Be a part of it by reading and posting your valuable knowledge and experience.

Meditrance Launched Views Letter On 12 June 2012